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Le foto che mostrano quant’è facile mentire sul proprio peso su Instagram

Mille Smith, studentessa di infermieristica, ha pubblicato alcune foto, scattate a distanza di alcuni minuti, in cui ha provato a dimostrare come sia facile ingannare sulla propria forma fisica, come se tra uno scatto e l'altro ci fossero mesi di diete, trattamenti estetici o esercizi fisici. 

Pubblicato il 5 Lug. 2017 alle 19:38 Aggiornato il 12 Set. 2019 alle 19:46
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Su Instagram, la piattaforma edonistica per eccellenza, va in onda ogni giorno la fiera del bello e del vano, dove ogni giorno migliaia di persone mostrano al mondo, o cercano di mostrare, il loro lato più bello.

Mille Smith è una 24enne che usa il suo account Instagram per attirare l’attenzione su quanto sia facile manipolare l’immagine di noi stessi che vogliamo mostrare al mondo.

Cambiando la prospettiva di uno scatto cambia completamente il risultato della fotografia. La maggior parte dei post di Instagram, di quelli che hanno migliaia di like, sono costruiti ad arte per attirare il più possibile l’attenzione.

La ragazza, studentessa di infermieristica, ha pubblicato alcune foto, scattate a distanza di alcuni minuti, in cui ha provato a dimostrare come sia facile ingannare sulla propria forma fisica, come se tra uno scatto e l’altro ci fossero in mezzo mesi di diete, trattamenti anti-cellulite o esercizi fisici.

“Potrei dirti che sto usando una crema di disintossicazione dalla cellulite da una settimana e questo è il risultato, mi credi?

Potrei dirti che ho tolto lo zucchero per 3 settimane e ho corso 12 miglia al giorno e questa è la mia trasformazione, ci credi?

Potrei dirti che ho mangiato barrette proteiche a colazione e frullati a pranzo e questo è il risultato. Ci credi?

Potrei dirti che ero depresso a sinistra e più felice ora a destra, ci crederesti?

Potrei dirti che pesavo meno sulla destra, lo crederesti?

Non fidarti di tutto quello che vedi su Internet o sui media.

Non cercare di essere la falsa immagine di te stesso”, ha scritto lei.

Le immagini:

It’s been a while since I’ve done a posed vs relaxed but I know how many of you guys love them ❤️ . Both of these poses are beautiful. The media would try to tell me only one of them is but NAAHHHH because that comes from an ignorant, one-sided, profit making, beauty ideal that I AINT HERE FOR. . Our bodies move, grow and change shape all day everyday. It’s been hounded on us for so long that only a still image in which we are posed and tensed is beautiful but it’s simply not true… jiggle, rolls, fat, cellulite, extra skin (fanx pregnancy I love ya) are glorious, beautiful and REAL. . I could ‘pose’ all my photos, make myself fit a little better into the mould that society wants me to but then i would miss out on being my glorious self, further strengthen the hold the media’s ‘beauty ideal’ has on us and put out a message I don’t want to send… . Love yourself for who you are in this moment ❤️ . These are not control underwear, just high waisted briefs and my underwear set is from @bouxavenue

Un post condiviso da 👑☀️🌻💛MILLY💛🌻☀️👑 (@selfloveclubb) in data:

Those feels when you take the time to practise self care ❤️ – My hair is still unwashed but I took a bath and brushed my teeth so who’s the real winner here?! 😉 – It’s an odd feeling when I have the energy/motivation to be able to do things that would normally be at the bottom of my list of priorities and spoons but it makes me appreciate it so much more, you’ve got to appreciate the small (yet huge) victories. – Next time you pass a mirror, take a bath or get changed just stop and say something nice to yourself- touch your body and say thank you, rub a little lotion in your feet and give them some love for walking you through life! Self care isnt selfish, it’s beautiful and vital ❤️ PSSSTT… have you got your bad ass pin yet? Link in bio, 15% of sales go to charity ❤️

Un post condiviso da 👑☀️🌻💛MILLY💛🌻☀️👑 (@selfloveclubb) in data:

In both these photos I’m ‘weight restored’. In both these photos I’m a ‘healthy’ BMI. In both these photos I’m no longer classed as ‘poorly’ with an eating disorder. – The difference? The left photo I’m still practicing restrictive behaviours, im still fully engrossed into my ED. I gained a little weight to get people off my back and then went back into full swing with bad behaviours and was still slowly destroying myself however not seen as worthy of help due to my weight gain. – The right hand photo I’m no longer restricting most the time but I’m suffering with binge eating and body dysmorphia. . In neither of these photos would health services class me as worthy of help, in both of these photos I need that help. To all my people with eating disorders who aren’t underweight- you’re worthy, you’re valid and your struggles are worthy of help. YOU DO NOT NEED TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY OR WEIGH A CERTAIN AMOUNT TO BE WORTHY OF HELP. Eating disorders, just like depression, don’t have a ‘face’

Un post condiviso da 👑☀️🌻💛MILLY💛🌻☀️👑 (@selfloveclubb) in data:

7am jeans fit fine. 7pm can’t even fasten them. Why? Because our bodies move and grow throughout the day. They move and grow when we eat. They move and change when we drink. They move and change ALL THE TIME!! . We fear bloating/food babies… why? Because anything other than a flat stomach with less worthy, less beautiful… right? WRONG WRONG WRONG. . Your size/shape doesn’t and won’t ever affect your worth. Your body changing shape/bloating throughout the day won’t ever dictate your worth or how beautiful and magical you are. . Our bodies change and move like the ocean and that, unlike our bodies will never change. Im starting to appreciate it, to love the extra bloat and squish, to rub my full belly and feel grateful instead of disgust. . We are worthy and beautiful at any time of day, at any size, at any point in our life. Stop hating, start living ❤️💜

Un post condiviso da 👑☀️🌻💛MILLY💛🌻☀️👑 (@selfloveclubb) in data:

I used to think my posed body made me more… Worthy of love. Worthy of happiness. Worthy of a good life. Worthy of friends. Worthy of self love. . I hoped and wished for my body to look forever ‘posed’ my glorious stomach sucked in, my boobs forever perky, my back forever arched, booty forever popping. . I’ve slowly come to acknowledge that HEY my body is damn beautiful at all angles, unflexed, unposed, unfiltered, just raw and natural me is enough and JUST AS WORTHY!!! . We get an ‘idealistic’ image of what we ‘should’ look like forced onto us daily. Images of slim, white, ‘healthy’, able bodied, toned, blemish/scar free etc etc etc and we desire and wish to look that way because… well, why?!? . WHY DO WE LET THEM UNDER OUR PERFECT SKIN!!!! NAHHH BOO. . You are perfect. You’re perfect if you never looked toned. You are perfect if your body doesn’t change in different angles. You’re perfect if it does. Your perfect regardless of ANY aesthetic differences… You’re just BOMB AF and NOONE can change that! . . Jeez for those speculating my tattoo is diff because I was facing the other damn way so I flipped the pic… Lordy! ITS A MIRRORED PHOTO LOOK AT THE TEXT ON THE TOP

Un post condiviso da 👑☀️🌻💛MILLY💛🌻☀️👑 (@selfloveclubb) in data:

Would you believe me if I told you there was 6 months between these pictures? How about 6 minutes and a bit of posing / smoothing of the skin on an app? ❌HINT❌: it’s the second one. 〰 I could tell you I’ve restricted, spent every second in the gym and this is my transformation. Would you believe it? 〰 I could tell you I’ve been using a cellulite toning detox cream for a week and this is the result, would you believe me? 〰 I could tell you I’ve cut out sugar for 3 weeks and ran 12 miles a day and this is my transformation, would you believe it? 〰 I could tell you that I’ve eaten a certain protein bar for breakfast everyday along side shakes for lunch and this is the result. Would you believe it? 〰 I could tell you that I was depressed on the left and happier now on the right, would you believe it? I could tell you that I weigh less on the right, would you believe it? 〰 The reality of things we see are often so far from the truth. 6 minutes difference, same day, same girl just posed a smoothing skin filter used. 〰 Dont trust everything you see on the internet or in the media. Don’t compare yourself, don’t strive to be a fake image or anything other than your true authentic self for that matter. You rule as you are, do you, please you and live for you. Unfollow negative pages and surround yourself with love. You’ve got this, I’ve got this, we’ve all got this. 💛We are strong, valid, worthy and powerful beyond measure.

Un post condiviso da 👑☀️🌻💛MILLY💛🌻☀️👑 (@selfloveclubb) in data:


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