Una modella ha affrontato l’uomo che l’aveva derisa per il suo peso su un aereo

Natalie Hage ha raccontato in un post su Instagram che un suo vicino di posto stava scrivendo messaggi in cui ci si prendeva chiaramente gioco di lei. Ecco come ha reagito

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Natalie Hage è una modella per taglie forti statunitense. Il 30 giugno si trovava su un volo diretto dall’aeroporto di Dallas, Texas, a quello di Los Angeles, California, dove avrebbe dovuto posare per alcune foto.

i don’t feel much like ‘myself’ lately. it’s the same story as it has been since august – full time school plus an intense job plus social life equals a very tired and very worn out natalie. but, i’m making it. i will hopefully graduate in december and be able to check that goal off the bucket list. i am so proud of myself for kicking ass and i’m so thankful for loved ones around me who tell me when to stop whining and also know exactly when to let me whine. i am eternally excited and grateful for opportunities that my social media has granted me, including having over 107,000 people that give a shit about me. it’s really unique to have this kind of support through the tiring times and i can’t thank y’all enough. enough of the bummer talk – isn’t this set cute? top is from @targetstyle and bottoms are @forever21plus. they look like they were made for each other. ❤️also – how do you self-care when you’re burnt out? how do you get outta that funk?

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this top from @missguided via @asos is one of my current faves. and yes, i’m way too into the bell sleeve trend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ jeans are ‘ridley’ cut from @asos! ❤️

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Come però ha testimoniato sul suo account Instagram, non appena si è seduta al suo posto sul volo – che aveva pagato settanta dollari in più del normale per avere più spazio a disposizione –, l’uomo che era seduto alla sua sinistra ha cominciato a sbuffare e sospirare rumorosamente.

A quel punto, secondo quanto raccontato da Hage in un lungo post corredato da foto scattate di nascosto, la donna ha notato che il suo vicino stava scrivendo messaggi a qualcuno in cui ci si prendeva chiaramente gioco di lei e del suo peso.

Alcuni esempi delle frasi scritte erano: “Se al telegiornale dicono che un Airbus A321 ha lasciato la pista senza riuscire a ruotare, è il mio volo”, o “Spero che non abbia mangiato messicano”, oltre a lamentarsi del fatto di essere schiacciato contro il finestrino per il poco spazio a disposizione.

Hage ha proseguito il suo post scrivendo che si trattava della “realtà quotidiana di una persona grassa, e non solo su un aereo. Puoi startene nel tuo spazio senza dare fastidio a nessuno, e comunque la gente ti romperà le palle e ti ferirà”.

i’m shaking right now. i’m on a flight to LA right now on @americanair. i paid almost $70 extra for this seat i’m in because i know i need a little extra leg room. i’m extremely flight anxious but there were only middle seats available so i had to take what i could get. as soon as i sat down, the gentleman on my left began LOUDLY huffing, sighing, and readjusting himself in his seat. i see him furiously texting and then purposefully turning the phone away from me. so, naturally next time he texts, i take a look. the texts were about me and i’m almost positive he took photos of me. not only were the texts about me, but they were really mean and ugly, with even the recipient named ‘linda’ chiming back with shaming retorts…someone who can’t even see the situation. if you can’t read the texts, it says ‘hopefully she didn’t have any mexican food’ and his response is ‘i think she ate a mexican’. then he proceeds to say he’s leaving a ‘neck mark on the window’ because he’s so smashed against the wall. from the photos, you can see i’m not in his space. he’s even taken over both arm rests on purpose, coming to my space and digging his elbows into my side…which is in my seat. his next text to her was ‘if the news reports a DFW airbus a321 leaving the runway without rotating, that would be my flight.’ another i see later? ‘if these seats don’t hold, it’s not going to matter.’ and that’s just a few of them. there were several more. i didn’t do anything to him. i’m in my seat, completely (see photos). i am crumpled into a ball trying to not bother. i’m just so upset. i asked the other man to my right if he’d switch me and told him what the man was saying about me and he said laughed and refused. that’s fine, it’s not his issue. this is a fat person’s daily reality and not just on a plane. this is on a bus, standing in line at the grocery store, at a concert, on the internet. you can be completely in your own space, not bothering anyone, and people will still fuck with you and try to hurt you. all you can do is know you haven’t done anything wrong just by existing and to move on. this just makes me a mixture of enraged and super sad.

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La modella non si è però limitata a questo: alla fine del viaggio, prima di alzarsi, ha registrato un video in cui ha chiesto espressamente al suo vicino di posto perché avesse scritto quelle parole. Al che l’uomo, dopo aver inizialmente negato, si è scusato, facendole comunque presente che per il suo peso non avrebbe dovuto essere seduta vicino all’uscita d’emergenza.

L’uomo, dopo che la donna gli ha fatto presente di non aver fatto nulla di male, le ha proposto di offrirle una cena, anche se Hage ha rifiutato. Il video: